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I am currently building a global network marketing business with Organo Gold.

After researching a number of network marketing companies, I have decided to build a global business with Organo Gold. This company has a rock solid infrastructure in place.

The Organo Gold Executive Team


Bernardo Chua – Founder and C.E.O.

Organo Gold was founded in 2008 by network marketing superstar Bernardo Chua. Just before launching Organo Gold, Mr Chua had built a 500,000 member network marketing organization in the Philippines.

Bernardo Chua has created Organo Gold from a distributors point of view. The compensation plan is one of the most rewarding in the industry for new and seasoned networkers.


Shane Morand– Global Master Distributor and Co-Founder 

Shane Morand has been introducing North America to healthier coffee since April of 2004. He is highly skilled in the areas of Leadership, Sponsoring and Mentoring. Shane has worked directly with top personal development leaders, speakers and trainers including Anthony Robbins, ZigZiglar, Mark Victor Hansen, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Jim Rohn and Paul J. Myer.

Shane brings a wealth of knowledge and practical experience in building and motivating large teams towards massive success.


Holton Buggs – Vice President, Sales

Holton Buggs is a network marketing veteran with over 20 years of success in the industry. Holton has created sales team systems that skyrocketed one company from sales of 6 million dollars to more than 50 million dollars. He has built and mentored teams in excess of 100,000 with sales exceeding a staggering $100,000,000. Holton is the Author of, “How to Turn Your Network Marketing Business into a Cash Cow” and Co-Author of “Conversations on Success” with Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, and John Gray. He was featured in Millionaire Magazine’s Billionaire’s edition in the article titled “Millionaire Maker”.

Holton Buggs started as a distributor with Organo Gold and built a network that earned him a monthly residual income of over $900,000 monthly. He has Proven that the Organo Gold opportunity can be very lucrative, before taking on the role of vice president of sales.

Why I Choose To Work With Organo Gold?

Organo Gold sells healthy gourmet coffee and beverages, which taste better than major supermarket brands. The coffee and beverages are priced lower than major coffee shops like Starbucks, Costa, Coffee Republic… The major difference is that Organo Gold coffee and beverages are infused with Ganoderma, making them a healthier option.

Coffee is the second most drunk beverage in the world, after water. This makes the market size one of the largest in the world. You don’t have to teach people to drink coffee, all you are doing is recommending a healthier and tastier alternative.

The Organo Gold compensation plan pay in 7 ways. You can earn 50% commissions just from retailing Organo Gold products. There are fast start bonuses to help you create a positive cash flow.  You earn commissions on your personal referral network sales and also from indirect sales volume from the binary pay plan.

There are also matching bonuses offered to boost your earnings. The binary pay plan is highly rewarding and can build up rapidly from the team effort.

There are many Organo Gold distributors earning in excess of $1,000,000 in yearly commissions. The Organo Gold opportunity has been proven to work for numerous network marketing entrepreneurs worldwide from various backgrounds. It has also proven the test of time, it has been around since 2008.

There have been other network marketing companies selling healthy coffee, but they have not stood the test of time, others have tried to replicate the Organo Gold model but failed.

I think Organo Gold has got it spot on with the compensation plan, leadership and company vision. Organo Gold is set to experience massive growth worldwide in 2013. They have proven themselves in the current global economic melt down. The company is in an excellent position for global growth.

It is a great time to get involved with Organo Gold, you will have the opportunity to reap the exponential wave of growth.

Why Join My Organo Gold Team?

I am focused on creating a massive global team of distributors in Organo Gold worldwide. I will be there to support every member that joins my Organo Gold team.

I believe strongly in team work, it’s one of the most crucial elements in network marketing success. I am looking for like minded network marketing entrepreneurs that really want to reach top leadership positions in Organo Gold.

You cannot build a large MLM organization all by yourself, it takes team effort and also a shared team vision. I have big dreams, and am willing to help others that also have big dreams.

Network marketing is about having big dreams and sharing them with others that also have big enough dreams. I am looking for highly motivated people that want to live the dream lifestyle in 2013.

We can use network marketing and Organo Gold to create the financial freedom that we all truly desire.

Get Started With Organo Gold

If you would like to work with me in building a global Organo Gold network that enables you to create real financial freedom and live your dream lifestyle, join my team now.

I have also developed a marketing system to help my Organo Gold team members grow their network using the internet.

Make a decision to get started today and work with me to create financial freedom using Organo Gold.

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