Why Some People Hate MLM

The people that hate MLM have tried creating wealth using it, but have failed. Just because they have failed with MLM does NOT mean that MLM is not a workable business.

I would compare their failure in MLM with driving a car… If someone does not know how to drive a car, they would take driving lessons. They don’t say that the car does not work or start disliking the car.

Even if they have a lamborghini murcielago, if they can’t drive it… it’s not going to get them far.

Even if they have the best MLM opportunity, if they don’t know how to market it, it’s not going to make them much money.

If you are not successful with MLM, I would suggest that you learn Internet Marketing. Your success with any MLM business depends on your ability to generate targeted leads and convert them to members.

You also need to teach these members how to do the same. This is how duplication and leverage is created in MLM. Leverage is the key to building wealth using MLM.

Leverage is used by all successful entrepreneurs, it is not an evil thing. Every person that has created financial freedom has applied the principle of leverage to do so.

Stop hating MLM, just because you are not good at marketing. If you want to become a top earner in any MLM program, learn to generate targeted leads and teach this to your downline members.

If you think that your upline in MLM is using your efforts to create leverage is unfair… think again.

When you go out to work… your boss is using your efforts as leverage. He or She makes a profit on the work that you carry out.


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