Why Do Most Internet Marketing Systems Fail?

Most internet marketing systems are designed by technical entrepreneurs that have been online for years.

systemfailThey forget to account for people that are new to internet marketing. The marketing system they develop has way to much stuff in the members area, too many videos and options.

The marketing funnel is given away for free as a lead capture system, but many additional upgrades are require to make it function properly.

What most people are looking for is a marketing system that is simple to use and does not require additional upgrades like products sold on ClickBank.

People that are starting out on the journey towards making money online, want a simple system that allows them to earn money easily, without having to follow numerous steps and videos.

Most newbies are looking for a low cost way of earning money online. They are not going to stick with a marketing system that starts of at a low price and piles on additional monthly fees.

I have come across too many of these BS systems that are designed to rip of people of there hard earned cash. After all most people get involved with internet marketing to make money, not to pile on debts.

My advice to you is to stay away from these over hyped lead capture systems that lure people in using so called state of the art pay plans.

Forget about the pay plan for a moment and look at the system that is being offered to you. Will it be easy to set up and use by someone that is starting out, if the answer is “No”… they will quit within a few days.

It may be easy to recruit them with the flashy sales video and capture system. Once they look into the complicated members area, they will quit within days!

What you really need is a system that delivers what it promises and is easy to duplicate for people of all online marketing skill levels.

The new trend seems to be 100% commissions, but what are you actually getting for your monthly fee?

They also offer you a free trial, usually 7 to 14 days. It will take you more time than this to figure out how it all works. By the time you start to get your system operational you will have incurred additional charges on your credit card for other stuff that you need to make the system work.

And, before you know it the free trial period is over and your credit card is charged! This is the BS that is infesting the internet currently.

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