What Is The Best Online MLM Opportunity?

What Is The Best Online MLM Opportunity?

Many people involved in MLM ask this question. The answer to this question can be found by analysing the most common online MLM opportunities.

We need to ask the following questions:

  1. Does the MLM opportunity offer a product or service that is of real value to a large number of people worldwide?
  2. Is there a marketing system in place to enable members to build a downline easily?
  3. Who are the people behind the MLM opportunity?
  4. Can the MLM business be run using the internet only?
  5. Has the MLM program been paying out on time?
  6. Has the MLM program been around for over a year?
  7. How many people do you need to sponsor to break even?
  8. Is there real leverage built in to the pay plan?
  9. Can you test out the MLM as a FREE members and also have access to the back office?
  10.  Does the MLM program accept credit/debit card payments?

I have used the above questions to analyse Better Web Builder”…

Better Web Builder offers a marketing system that is of real value to anyone that is building a MLM business using the internet.

There are real good lead capture pages and also video presentations. The marketing system also offers autoresponders for follow ups.

The marketing system is designed to produce duplication in your downline. The system is easy to follow, with video tutorials.

The people behind Better Web Builder are brothers Art and Rob Phelps. They have been top earners in three different MLM companies. They have been building marketing systems for their downline members for a long time.

Their online marketing systems have enabled them to build massive downlines and also create duplication in their downlines.

They have taken the best parts of their previous marketing systems to create Better Web Builder”.

Better Web Builder is a generic marketing system that can be used to build any MLM business. It can also be used as an online MLM program on its own.


Here Is The Official Press Release From Art And Rob Phelps:

Better Web Builder Platform Delivers Profitable Internet Marketing Solutions

Art & Rob Phelps celebrate the launch of Better Web Builder








Press Release: Long Island, NY – September 1, 2010

Better Web Builder has launched a breakthrough marketing system featuring a user-friendly Internet website that provides free and fee-based services that will appeal to some of the largest markets online. Developed by a highly experienced management team responsible for generating over 36 million in product sales for two separate companies. With an additional 10 million in sales of their own customized marketing systems. They are now offering their new system to everyone, regardless of what company or product they want to promote.

Co-founder and owner, Art Phelps explains, “We had a lot of customers, affiliates, and even a few competitors approach us and ask us if they could use our system to promote their business, or product. This led us to develop Better Web Builder which can generically be used to promote any number of products or services.”

Virtually anyone with a product or service will be attracted to join Better Web Builder and utilize the system to increase their online profits. A free membership provides access to valuable, customizable websites and services. Advanced features, tools, services and additional compensation can be added for as little as $29.95 monthly membership. Better Web Builder’s centralized services saves members time and money, enabling strategic, cost effective advertising decisions which lead to successful online business operations.

Rob Phelps says,”For the last 20 years we have been extremely fortunate to have helped tens of thousands of people, make more money and improve the quality their of lives. We are very excited because Better Web Builder is the culmination of everything we know that works. Every aspect of this system is designed with one goal in mind – to put more money in your pocket!”

Better Web Builder is designed to capitalize on the intersection of four rapidly growing markets: affiliate marketing, direct selling, online advertising, and people looking for ways to make money online. These sectors have experienced strong growth and look to continue those trends in the coming years. The Better Web Builder system not only targets these markets, it offers many of the same tools that people are already paying for, for free, along with a high potential, low risk opportunity to dramatically increase their income.

Many of the top web designers, developers, programmers and internet marketers in the world agree that this System is a quantum leap from anything that has existed in the past and a major advancement for generating profits on the web. Art Phelps adds, “The Better Web Builder System is simple and easy enough for the internet novice while still having some of the most advanced and sophisticated business building tools, websites and services on the web. We invite you to try it for free so you can see all of the ways it can help you increase your earning potential.”

What You Get As A Member Of Better Web Builder:

=> Generic BWB Capture Pages

=> Fully Customizable Capture Page For Your Biz

=> Fully Customizable Auto-Responder

=> Personalized Presentation Page

=> Lead Manager

=> Affiliate Manager

=> Products Page, Where You Can List Your Own Products

=> Commissions On Upgrades And Product Sales, Up To 7 Levels Deep

=> Free Blog/Web Site And More…


The beauty about Better Web Builder is that it is fully transparent. You get to see exactly what you are getting before you pay for the marketing system.

You can also join as a FREE member and test out the system (NO Credit/Debit card required).

You can also earn commissions on the upgrades of your first 2 levels as a free member. This allows people on a limited budget to earn some money by marketing Better Web Builder as an Affiliate.

For people that are serious about earning a substantial monthly income, the Gold member package is the preferred route.

The gold member package cost only $29.95 monthly, if you upgrade within 30 days! This enables you to earn commissions of $10 monthly for every gold member you sponsor.

You also get to earn commissions on upgrades within your downline up to 7 levels deep.


How Much Can You Earn Using Better Web Builder?

Top earners are earning in excess of $20,000 monthly. Most members are earning in the rage of $2,000 to $5,000 monthly.

Your earnings will depend on your marketing efforts and ability. If you join and do nothing, you will earn nothing!

If you join and take massive action, you will earn a massive monthly income!

My Own Experience With Better Web Builder

I joined Better Web Builder as a free member. I upgraded within 2 days after seeing the income potential and the tools available to help me create the financial freedom that I have been wanting for so long.

I started marketing my Better Web Builder referral link using list builders, traffic exchanges and viral marketing tools….

Within my first 2 weeks I had sponsored 3 gold members and a lot of free members.

This has proved to me that the system really works.  I will be putting more effort into my marketing.

I think it is possible to use Better Web Builder to build a monthly income of over $5,000 in under a year.

Would You Like To Join My Better Web Builder Team?

I am willing to help like minded people worldwide that are ready to create financial freedom using Better Web Builder.

How To Get Started:

1. Join Better Web Builder Using My Referral Link:


2. Purchase the gold member package.

3. Contact me (Mujibur Rahman) using the details in your Better Web Builder member’s area. (Upline Sponsor)

I will send you details on marketing tools and methods that are working for me. We can also work on ways to build your Better Web Builder downline. You will have access to my email address for support regarding marketing and any questions regarding Better Web Builder. (This Support is ONLY for Upgraded Gold Members)

You are welcome to join as a free member, but I can only support Upgraded gold members. As they are the ones that will be helping to build my business and also their business. It is in my interest to devote my time and effort to them.

Look forward to working with you soon,

Mujibur Rahman

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