What Is Attraction Marketing?

The term “Attraction Marketing” was first coined by Mike Dillard. He became well known on the internet with is Magnetic Sponsoring ebook.

Attraction Marketing is the process of branding yourself as the leader. Once you have built up a reputation as a leader in MLM, people will start to search for you. You become the hunted instead of the hunter.

People will start to search for your products and also the MLM opportunities that you are involved in. They will want to join your downline, they see that you can provide real value to them as a leader.

You job is to become a leader, mike compares this to becoming a leader of the pack “The Alpha Male“.

How Do You Brand Yourself Online?

You brand yourself online by creating videos that provide value to the end user. You write blogs that provide valuable information for people involved in MLM.

You can also add a viral element to this by creating your own system or process that helps other people to achieve success in MLM. This can be a lead capture system or a set of autoresponder messages, where the people that join are allowed to use your squeeze page templates and videos.

Once you create an image of yourself as a leader in MLM, people will start to like to your videos and blog posts. They will also start to write about you, share your success story and your system.

A good way to get ranked highly on the search engines is to get the people using your system to submit video testimonials that link back to your system. The will create a lot of backlinks and create a buzz about your system and also you as a leader.

Attraction Marketing Video Formula

1. Your Story – start off my telling people your story, why you got involved in MLM.

2. Provide Value – tell them about the value that your system will provide them with.

3. Call To Action – ask them to join now, you may want to provide them with some bonuses for taking immediate action.


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