What Happened To Sunday?

What Happened To SundayIt’s nearly Monday morning, looking back at Sunday… I’m thinking what happened to it. The day came and it went, there were no plans for the day.

Sunday seems to have just disappeared, I have not used it constructively to work on any of my plans and goals.

I got worried that I lost Sunday, but this happens to many people worldwide. Most people lose weeks, months and even years without doing anything constructive to transform their lives.

The most successful people in the world set goals and make plans to accomplish them. Without plans you will waste your time on doing things that don’t lead you towards your dreams.

Most people waste time lazing around, watching TV or just lying on the sofa or bed. Some of them do it as stress relief from their busy work schedule.

In the 80’s and 90’s people used to rent out movies and order take away food… pizza being the most popular as part of their recovery routine after the long week at work.

Some people used to just drink their way through the weekend to forget the life of misery they are living.

If you really want to transform your life, you need to decide on what you really want. Set goals and make written plans on accomplishing them.

Use every moment of your time efficiently, until you reach your desired level of success. Work on personal development and creating the right mind-set. You need to transform yourself and your perception of yourself, before it will happen in reality.

Time waits for no man or woman… use it effectively or lose it forever. Every time you catch yourself wasting time, think what you can do to make constructive use of it.

Make daily routines and stick to them. You should give yourself sufficient breaks to make your routines fun and something to look forward to.

When you start to feel lazy, you can transform your mood with positive affirmations. You can also listen motivational audios to and watch motivational videos.

Decide on the lifestyle you truly desire, set goals and create plans to achieve them. Working on your plans on a daily basis will make you feel good about your life, you will develop a positive outlook of your future.

Success does not happen by accident, it is achieved by having a clear vision, focused and persistent action.

Don’t waste your time or you will fall into the trap of laziness and develop a negative outlook of your future.

We all have the power to transform our lives and create a better future, only a small number actually apply this gift.

Looking back at a wasted Sunday, has created a urge inside of me to take massive action on my goals and work on my plans every day.

Every mistake has offers a valuable lesson, take the time to analyse it and learn the lesson. You are not in a competition with others, your goal should be to become better than you were in the past.

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