Viral YouTube Videos – What It Takes!

Videos on YouTube can go viral within a few days, getting over a million views.

The key ingredients that make a video go viral on YouTube are:

1. Unusual and interesting content.

2. Funny videos and pranks.

3. Content that fires up discussion.

4. Something that is worth sharing.

There are millions of viewers worldwide on YouTube daily. Once they find a video that interests them, they want to share it with their friends.

The videos that get shared most are ones that really connect with the viewers emotions. It may make them laugh, make them feel good. Some videos may have content that the viewer strongly agrees or disagrees with.

The social sharing buttons on YouTube make it easy to pass on the video to friends and contacts on Facebook, Twitter and Google+…

Once the video is shared on social networking sites it allows others to easily share it with their friends and contacts… creating a viral effect.

Some of the videos are also shared on popular blogs that attract a large number of viewers. They also get passed on via word of mouth… people hear about the video and start searching for it on YouTube… if the enjoy it the start sharing it…

The viral effect of social sharing can attract an exponential number of view within days.

An example of a video that has started to go viral is the “1 Pound Fish” video. It’s a video of a market trader in East, London that attracts customers to his fish stall by singing about his offer.

I found out about this video from my son… he found out about it from his friends at school.

The first video was recorded by someone that found it funny, once it was on YouTube other people started to look for this 1 pound fish man.

The fish seller (Shahid) is based in Queens Market, which is opposite West Ham United’s football stadium.

A West Ham fan decided to recorded this guy singing, as he found it really interesting. Once he uploaded the video to YouTube, it started to go viral. Latif the 1 pound fish man is now a celebrity!

I don’t know how much his fish sales have gone up, but his has become really popular. People go and visit him and take photos with him and also record videos.

Shahid was invited to sing LIVE at Baishaki Mela 2012

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