Using Leverage To Create Wealth

The wealthiest people in world understand and use the power of leverage. You can have leverage working for you or working against you.

leverageCompanies use their workers as leverage, they earn a profit from the work every employees carry out.

You can use the power of leverage to increase the amount of work that gets done, amount of products that get sold. You get others to help you do more work, shift more products, provide more service….

You can a small percentage on the work every person carries out. If you have thousands of people helping you create leverage, you will be able to earn a substantial income.

You can use your money to provide leverage by investing it in a savings account that earns you compound interest. Financial institutions earn money by providing you with loans and credit cards, they are using you as leverage.

You can get into serious debt from the compounding effect of interest charged on credit cards, this is leverage working against you.

The best form of leverage for the average person can be found in network marketing. You can get started on a small budget and leverage your way to financial freedom.

“I would rather have 1% of 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts”John Paul Getty, Worlds First Billionaire 

The internet has enabled a large number of entrepreneurs to create leverage on a global scale, earning them a fortune. Take a look at the Prue Leverage Opportunity – currently in pre-launch. This will create many millionaires worldwide!


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