The Secrets of High Earning Affiliate Marketers Revealed

Most people get started as affiliate marketers thinking that there are no costs involved.

Signing up as an affiliate is free, you earn commissions from the sales generated by people that you refer to the companies products or services.

What most people fail to take into account is that you need to spend time and money on the marketing part of affiliate marketing.

You need to focus on the marketing in order to generate the sales required to earn a substantial income as an affiliate.

The highest earning affiliates work on a niche market that they are knowledgeable about or start educating themselves on a nice market that they want to enter.

They create content rich blogs in the niche markets they are interested in. They provide information that is of real value to the people that visit these blogs.

They capture leads by offering valuable information to the people that visit these blogs. They send out follow-up messages to the contacts on their lists with links to the products or services they are marketing as affiliates.

High earning affiliates know the importance of providing valuable information for free to gain their contacts trust. They also know the importance of capturing leads and following up on them.

Top earning affiliate marketers have blogs that are highly optimized for search engines and the design is clean and simple to navigate.

They don’t use their blogs as banner farms, they provide valuable information and capture leads. They do the selling via their follow-up messages, not directly from the blogs.

Some of the highest earning affiliates earn over $200,000 monthly. They have a large number of highly optimized blogs set-up in 2 to 3 niches.

These blogs are updated with valuable content and optimized for search engines on a regular basis. They outsource this work of maintaining the blogs.

They concentrate on building a relationship with the people on their lists. Top affiliate marketers have lists that have hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

They also have a funnel system in place that promotes affiliate products that increase in price as they pass through the sales funnel.

Some of the high ticket affiliate products earn they commissions of $1,000 and above. They only need to sell a few of these products to earn a large commission.

Another model that some high earning affiliates use Pay Per Click marketing. They create high converting capture/squeeze pages and drive traffic to them using PPC advertising from sites like Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.

Tools You Need To Get Started:

1. Research Your Niche Market

You will need to decide the niche markets that you are going to target as an affiliate marketer.

Some of the most profitable niches are: Health and Fitness, Internet Marketing, Online Dating, Financial Services…

2. Your Own Domain Name

You will need to get a domain name that includes the keyword(s) that will be used to find your niche market blog.

You can register this at

3. Web Hosting

You can use.. Host Then Profits – this provides everything you need from web hosting to autoresponders…


HostGator – this provides the option to get reseller accounts that will enable you to set up multiple domains.

Use WordPress from C-Panel to set up your blog.

4. Autoresponder

You will need an autoresponder to capture your leads and send out follow-up messages.

Top affiliates use the Aweber or GetResponse autoresponders.

5. Information To Give Away

You can create your own reports/ebooks to give away for free or get PLR products that you can modify to your needs.

IDplr is a good source for PLR products.

6. Content

You will need to have good content on your blog to drive traffic to it.

Killer Content is a good system to set up automated sites.

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