The Power Of Written Goals

When you write down your goals, it increases the possibility for them to get accomplished.

thepowerofwrittengoalsMost people don’t have written goals, they just let events and circumstances dictate their lives. Life without goals is like floating a boat on on water without any oars. You are not in control of where you are going, it is left up to the water currents and flow.

When you take the time to write down your goals, it enables you to find out what you really want. By placing a time limit on your goals, they become measurable and you also become accountable.

A goal without a time limit is just a wish. Everyone wishes to live a prosperous life, travel the world, earn more money… the ones that really get to do it are the ones that have written down clear goals.

Your goals have to be written down in present tense and include worlds that generate emotions.

If you would like to be earning $10,000 monthly in 90 days,  you can write a goal like this:

“It is (date 90 day from today), I (your name) have earned $10,000 in the last 30 days by (what you intend to do). I feel really happy and I will spend (amount of money) on getting (what you really desire).”

You can add a lot more descriptive words to the above goal, the more descriptive and emotionalized the goal, the more powerful it will become.

Set a goal of earning a desired amount of money in the next 90 days, write down your goal and focus on it daily. Read it out aloud in the morning just after you get out of bed, and in the evening just before you go to sleep. Print it out and place it a locations around your home, where you are most likely to see it.

Keep a print out in your wallet, as your phone screen saver, laptop/tablet screen saver. The more you see it, the more powerful it will become. It will get stamped into your subconscious mind as TRUTH. Your subconscious will start working on it 24/7 to make it your reality.

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