The Power Of Stories

The most powerful sponsoring method that you can use in MLM is the power of stories. Every successful MLM leader uses the power of stories to build their downlines.

powerofstoriesIt can be your own personal story of “rags to riches” or you can use another person as an example. It can also be a story that is fictitious that is not related to any person, just an outline of the lifestyle that can be created using MLM.

Randy Gage uses the power of stories in his seminars and sponsoring videos. You may have come across the one where he starts off with “What Happens When Your Dream Dies?“… he walks on to the stage and after a long silence he start saying taliking about your dreams.

Another good story teller is Tom “Big Al” Schreiter. He has used the power of stories to build massive MLM downlines worldwide.

Most people can relate to stories of going from living a lifestyle of desperation, debts, working a minimum wage job to creating a fortune and living the lifestyle of your dreams.

This is because most people looking at a MLM opportunity are not living the lifestyle they really want, they want to break free and create financial freedom. They can relate to your story, they too want to use MLM as the vehicle to create prosperity.

These success stories enable them to believe that it is possible for them to also create financial freedom.

Really emotional stories have the power to generate a large number of leads and grow massive downlines and income.

I Don’t Have A Success Story Yet, What Do I Do?

If you don’t have a success story yet… you can use what Randy Gages does. Start off with something like “What Do You Do, When Your Dream Dies?”.

Show the prospect that they can start dreaming again, it is still possible for them to create the lifestyle of their dreams.

Show them both sides of the dream… There future, if they decide to take action now… and their future if the don’t do anything.

Everyone dreams of financial freedom… Only the select few that take massive action make it a reality.

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Mujibur Rahman, Internet Business Entrepreneur

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