The Power Of Being Focused

Success comes to the person that is focused on a goal long enough.

Take the example of a magnifying glass… it will only burn through an object if the rays of sunlight are focused on the object long enough. If you keep on moving the point of focus, the object will not burn.

Even if the object in hard to burn, you will manage to set it penetrate it, if you keep the rays of sunlight focused on it long enough.

Most people start on a goal and give up before they see any results. They keep on drifting from one task to another, which results in nothing substantial being achieved.

If you stay focused on a primary goal for a long time, you will start to see results. It may take a lot of hard work, but you will eventually get the task done or achieve your goal.

You need to work out what you really want to achieve in life. This will be your primary goal or major objective. You will need to focus on this primary goal until you have achieved it. There will be times when you will want to give up, but you need to find the motivation to carry on.

If your primary goal is something that your truly desire, you will find the motivation to carry on. If it is something that is only a vague want, you will find it hard to stay focused on it.

All successful entrepreneurs know the value of being focused. Edison could have given up after his first few attempts at creating the light bulb, but he stayed focused until he made it a reality.

Ask yourself the question “How badly do I want the thing or circumstance that I desire?” . If you want it bad enough and have a burning desire to get it, you will get it. You just need to stay focused and have belief in your abilities and do whatever is necessary until you achieve it.

If your goal is to reach financial freedom, work out how much money you need to earn every month to life the lifestyle you desire. Create a plan that will enable you to earn the amount of money you desire and stay focused on your plan of action.

Most people would have reached financial freedom if they stayed focused on one business venture or idea long enough.

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