The Flu Cure – It’s Your Thoughts That Really Count

I started feeling flu symptoms late Friday evening, by Saturday morning I had a runny nose and a headache. I could have stayed in bed and just complained about the flu, but I thought I would do something different this time.

I got up and went to the local health food store (Holland and Barrett’s), stocked up on the vitamins and also picked up some clementines. I was determined to shrug of this flu before it got the better off me.

I kept on drinking water to flush out the flu virus, I also topped up the vitamin C levels by drinking orange juice and also snacking on the clementines.

The most important thing I did was to keep focused on my goal of feeling healthy again. On Sunday morning I carried on with my normal routine activities. I did not complain about the flu, even though I could feel the little aches and pains. I stayed focused on whatever I was doing at any given moment.

By Monday morning I started to feel better. I had recovered from the flu in just over 2 days. It was a combination of taking the vitamins, drinking lots of fluids and also a positive mindset.

The most important thing was the state of mind, I was determined to carry on with my weekly routine. The flu was given very low priority… I made it feel like an unwelcome guest, it got the hint and decided to leave quickly.

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