The Exact Cost Of Leads

Most people new to internet marketing go broke before they see any returns. This is caused by their belief that the more leads they generate, the more products they will sell or recruit more people.

They miss out a fundamental principle in their marketing, which is “targeted traffic“. You need to capture leads that are highly targeted. People that are interested in your niche may buy your products and services.

Some people will opt-in to your autoresponder just to get the freebies that you are offering. They may  never buy from you or join any opportunities that you are promoting.

You need to test your traffic sources to see, which of them are producing sales and sign ups. If you are using a marketing funnel, you will need to generate a large number of sales on the front end to enable you to sustain you marketing.

Don’t go crazy on driving traffic and leads that don’t result in any sales or sign ups. Test the traffic sources using tracking software or different autoresponders.

Only scale up your marketing, once you start to see positive results. If you spent $100 on the marketing and you get back $120. You can start to scale this up by investing the $120 back into your marketing.

There have been cases where some people have spent $5,000 to $10,000 on PPC campaigns only to see a return of around $1,000. This will make you broke in a short time.

Some people have captured over 10,000 leads, which have generate 0 sign ups in their primary business. They leads that they have captured are not buyers or don’t have the money to invest in any of the opportunities that are shown to them.

There are a large number of so called “lookers” on the internet. Your goal is to find the “buyer“. You will have to still sift through a large number of lookers before you find the buyers.

As you test out your marketing, you will be able to reduce the amount of lookers that you have to capture in your funnel, and increase the number of buyers.

Thousands of people buy products and services, and also join income opportunities daily on the internet. Your job as an internet marketer is to join these people that are ready to buy and also ready to join your income opportunities.

You can also increase your conversion rates by using captivating copy and videos within your marketing funnel.

If someone has taken the time to opt-in to your capture page, they are interested in your stuff. You need to show them the benefits of your products, services or opportunity. There will be many people that are willing to buy or join… but they are looking for additional value that you can provide.

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