Nov 18

Earning A Six Figure Income Online

If you want to earn a six figure income online, you can’t just talk about earning a six figure income.

sixfigureincomeLet’s start with a short Buddhist story…

A young man wanted to become successful, so he went to see a guru. The guru asked him “Do you really want to become successful?”.

The young man replied “Of course I want to become successful, that’s why I came to you!”.

The guru asked the young man to meet him at the river bank the following morning at 4.00 am. He told him that he would reveal to him the secret to becoming successful there.

The young man did not sleep all night, he kept on wondering what the secret of will be. He rushed to the river bank in the winter morning, as promised the Guru was there to meet him.

He asked the guru “So what is the secret to becoming successful?”.

The Guru marched into the river and asked the young man to join him. The young man followed him into the freezing water, the guru kept on walking deeper into the water. The young man was waist deep in the water, the guru asked him to carry on following him.

The young man was now neck deep in the freezing water. As he reached the Guru, the Guru asked him “Do you really want to learn the secret to success?”.

The young man answered “Yes”. The Guru pushed the young man’s head into the water and held it there. The young man was drowning and started to struggle.

The guru kept on holding him down under the water, the young man was about to pass out. Finally the Guru let the young man’s head rise  out of the water.

The young man struggled to get his breath and was really angry with the Guru. “I asked you for the secret to success, you nearly drowned me in this freezing water!” shouted the young man.

“This is the secret to success!” replied the Guru.

“I still don’t get it.” replied the young man.

“What did you want to do when I held your head under the water?” asked the Guru.

“Breath!” replied the young man.

“When you want to become successful as badly as you wanted to breath, you will become successful.” replied the Guru.

The young man smiled at the Guru and the Guru smiled back. He knew that the young man had learned a valuable lesson.

He thanked the Guru and started on the road to success.


You need to do these 3 things to succeed:

1. You gotta want it bad enough.

Whatever you desire to accomplish must become your number one priority. It has to become more important to you then eating or sleeping!

You need to become obsessed with it every minute of your life!

Success is not about where you come from, it’s about where you want to go. Life may have dealt you a bad hand of cards, but the game is not over until you decide to call it a day.

You can start off with nothing and create everything that you desire. You can accomplish anything you want if you want it bad enough!

2. You need to be able to sacrifice what you are for what you can be at any moment of time.

You will need to cut out no-productive activities out of your life. Things like watching TV, messing around with your cell phone. Partying with friends and just lazying around.

Replace your no-productive activities with ones that move you towards your goals. Once you have created the cash flow you desire, you will be able to do whatever you want with your time.

Until you have reached your desired level of income, you will need to cut out non-productive  activities to make room for the ones that will enable you to create financial freedom.

3. You need to understand that pain is temporary.

It may be painful to give up on activities that you really enjoy. If you really want to create the lifestyle you truly desire, you will need to go through the pain.

You may have to cut back on your sleep, socializing, and leisure activities. The work you do now may seem painful, but it will allow you to create a life of pleasure in the future.

The hard work you put in now will only be temporary, and will lead to a lifetime of pleasure.

Just 3 to 4 years of hard work will enable you to create financial freedom using the internet. It will be hard in the beginning, but it will start to feel more and more exciting as the money starts to build up, month after month!

Just imagine a monthly income of $5,000 to $10,000 coming into your bank account every month, with out you having to do anymore work for it!

The initial 3 to 4 years of hard work (pain) will reward you (pleasure) for months and years to come.