May 22

I Have Qualified As A SFI Silver Team Leader (STL) Today

SFI Silver Team Leader STLI have been an affiliate with SFI since 2013, but did not really bother with taking action on building my team and income.

It’s been approximately 2 months, since I decided to take action to build my SFI business. This has paid off really well, as I have qualified as a Silver Team Leader (STL) today.

I have created a marketing system, which has allowed me to reach this level within 2 months of working with it.

I will make this available to my team members on the 1st of August 2017. They will be able to use the exact same system I’ve used to build my SFI network and reach STL in 2 months.

You are invited to take a look at how this system works at:

There is a special pre-launch bonus offered, this will lock your position in my global network and help you reach Diamond Team Leader (DTL) with SFI within a year.

I am looking to become a DTL with SFI within the next 6 months. I am ready to work with 10 people worldwide who would like to reach the highest commission paying level in SFI.

You will be working with me directly to build your own SFI network. I will place you directly below me in my global SFI team. You will become my direct referral.

As my direct referrals in SFI, I will also work with you to build your SFI network!

Thousands of entrepreneurs will join SFI using my marketing system, position yourself as my direct downline members by registering at:

You will get all the information required to get you positioned for maximum earnings with SFI.

I will be building the largest group in SFI, within a year my group will dominate SFI. You have the opportunity to become part of this elite group, positioned at the top!

SFI has been around for over 19 years, paying out commissions month after month. You will be working with a well-established online opportunity.

SFI has a hybrid pay plan, it offers the best of affiliate and multi-level commissions. You get paid on your own marketing effort and also on your teams marketing effort.

The larger your team the more commissions you will have the opportunity to earn. I am not able to disclose my SFI earnings, but I am already making a decent amount every month on a part-time basis.

You can get full-details by registering at:

Position yourself now, at the pre-launch stage to ride the wave of growth from my marketing now. The system will go live on the 1st of August 2017 and you will also benefit from our team marketing effort.

SFI will be my number one online income opportunity, I will be building this really big to create a long-term internet based income.

I will be using this to fund other ventures in the future, I will be building a strong team with SFI to enable me to do this.

If you would like to be part of this global team, get started at: