Feb 13

Top 2 Advertising Revenue Sharing Programs

Top 2 Advertising Revenue Sharing ProgramsRevenue sharing programs have become the latest trend recently. They promise to deliver traffic to your site and also earn you money.

There has been a flood of revenue sharing programs promoting $5 advertising packages (AdPacks) which return $6.25. Some of them have even paid out over $1,000,000 in revenue share.

Once there are a large number of AdPacks purchased and suddenly the purchases slow down, the revenue share gets frozen or moves at a snail’s pace.

Most of these rev share sites are based on the same generic script. Some of them start off with using PayPal as a payment processor, but get slapped by PayPal when the members start complaining.

There are 2 revenue sharing programs that are built from scratch and have been functioning well. This is because the traffic they deliver is of high quality and there is a continuous supply AdPack purchases.

The first one that I would like to tell you about is Traffic Monsoon. This is an advertising revenue sharing site owned by Charles Scoville, who is an honest and has proven himself in the past.

Traffic Monsoon offers revenue sharing (AdPacks) for $50 and delivers 20 PPC Banner Clicks and 1,000 Traffic Exchange Credits. You get back 110% in revenue share, every $50 AdPack gives you back $55.

There are various other traffic packages that can be bought from Traffic Monsoon at exceptional value, they are not revenue shared. This has created a constant supply of visitors to the site.

You can also earn 10% commission on purchases made by your referrals. This can help you to boost up your AdPacks.

I have earned over $3,000 in revenue share from Traffic Monsoon. Your get paid revenue share every hour.

You can also earn money from Cash Link, which Traffic Monsoon has recently introduced. You can earn from these even if you don’t buy any AdPacks. You can also earn from your referrals clicks on the Cash Links.

The second revenue sharing program worth looking at is My Advertising Pays. Some entrepreneurs have earner huge amounts of money in revenue share from this program.

The owner of My Advertising Pays is Mike Dees a retired Army chap, he has made it his mission to create a revenue sharing program that is built to last.

Advertising Packs at My Advertising Pays cost $49.99 and give you 550 credits in their text link exchange, you also get 20 booster credits to show your site for a longer length of time.

You get back $60 on every $49.99 AdPack purchased, which is a return of 120%. You can also earn up to 10% commissions of your referrals purchases.

I have earned close to $100 in revenue share with My Advertising Pays. I am going to boost up my AdPacks to take my earnings into the thousands.

Top 2 Advertising Revenue Sharing Programs:

  1. Traffic Monsoon
  2. My Advertising Pays

I am using the Viral Traffic And Cash Marketing System to build up direct referrals in these programs.

In my opinion these revenue sharing programs will last. I am currently getting a constant supply of targeted traffic and revenue share from them daily.