Feb 08

Why Do You Want To Build Your Organo Gold Business?

Success comes to the person that knows clearly what they want and WHY they want it. You need to know that you truly desire before you can take action towards getting it.

whyYou also need to know why you want it, the WHY is more important that the how. It is going to keep you focused and motivated when you face challenges on your road towards success.

Ask yourself the question “Why do I want to build my own Organo Gold business?”. “What is it going to help you accomplish?”.

Take a blank sheet of paper and write down everything that your Organo Gold business is going to enable you to do:

1. The dream house you would like to live in.

2. The cars you want to own and drive.

3. The holidays you want to take.

4. All the things you would like to provide for your loved ones.

5. The dream lifestyle your would like to live, financial freedom and time freedom.

6. You may have other things that you would like to acquire.

Once you have clearly defined your WHY, you should stay focused on it everyday. Visualize it everyday, drive it into your subconscious until it becomes automatic. You should know exactly what you want and be able to see it in your minds eye clearly.

Your WHY is the fuel that is going to take your towards success, Organo Gold will be the vehicle that you use. This vehicle is like a brand new sports cars, it will not get you far without any fuel. You should fuel it up daily using your WHY, and it will move it towards success.

Most people don’t have a strong enough WHY, this is why they run out of fuel before they experience and real success. Your why is a thousand times more important then the how.

If your why is strong enough, the how will take care of itself. You will be able to find a way of meeting any challenges on the way. The how is clearly defined by others that have traveled the road that you are starting out on.

Visualization is the key to achieving your dreams. Once you see your dream lifestyle clearly in your minds eye, your level of belief will increase. By repeating this visualization over and over again you will be able to convince yourself that it is possible for you to achieve your goals. You will know that you will reach your target.

Once your WHY become a burning desire it will inspire you to take action. You must be willing to take these actions to reach your goals.

You will also need to find the time to invest in your business and on yourself. Cut out no-essential activities that don’t move you towards your goals, these may be things like: watching TV, drinking with friends, surfing the internet…

You will need to sacrifice some of these no-essential activities to make time for building your Organo Gold business. Spend some time and money on self-improvement material like CD’s and books.

The best investment you can make is in improving yourself. You need to become the person that others will want to work with. You will need to build up leadership skills and be able to motivate the people you sponsor into your Organo Gold business.

Strong leaders are not born, they have invested hundreds of hours on perfecting these leadership qualities. Work out your weaknesses and invest some time and money on improving on these areas. The results will truly amaze you.

You will be gifted with some skills that set you apart from masses, you should also exercise these skills daily to enhance them further.