Jan 14

McDonald’s Franchise Vs Your Own Global Internet Business

I will be using United Kingdom based costs (GBP) as I’m based in the UK. The comparison will give you a rough idea of the differences between the business models on a global scale.

McDonald’s Franchise

You will need to make a 20-year commitment. This will be 20-years of full-time dedication to your business.

A McDonald’s restaurant typically cost between £150,000 and £400,000 to buy. You will need to come up with 25% of the investment, your own money. Not a loan from a bank!

If you were purchasing a restaurant costing £300,000 you will need to come up with 25% of £300,000 which is £75,000.

You will need to get a loan of another £225,000 to make up the £300,000 total.

Another £30,000 will need to be paid as a one-off franchise fee. There is another £750 cost involved in getting trained.

You will also need to pay a refundable £5,000 security deposit when you start your training, which we’ll refund when you buy your first restaurant.

The above are just start-up fees, there are monthly franchise fee involved.

Monthly fees

Monthly rent on the premises based on sales and profitability (usually between 10% and 18%).

Service fees for the use of the McDonald’s system – currently 5% of sales.

Contribution to the national marketing spend – currently 4.5%.

As you will see from the above monthly fee structure, you will be paying McDonald’s 20% – 25% of your monthly earnings, each and every month.

Your business will only be limited to the locality your restaurant is based in.


Your Own Global Internet Business

You can start your own global internet based business on a part-time basis. You will not be tied to a contract, you can quit anytime you want.

You can get started with only £100 to £500 as an initial start-up cost. You will not need to take out a bank loan to cover this cost.

There are no franchise costs and no training costs involved. You can get started and learn as you earn and build up your online business.

There is no monthly rent or franchise cost involved. You will get to use the marketing system for free by setting up a monthly product auto-ship order of less than £100 monthly.

Your monthly running cost will be less than £100. You will not need to hire employees and pay wages.

You will not be selling to people face to face, you will not be required to deal with refunds and get into arguments.

Your internet business will be global and you can use it to earn money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Your internet based store will be open 24/7… no opening and closing the store. No cleaning up the mess or ordering in stock. No cooking, cleaning or serving the public.

All the order processing, from taking the order, taking payment and delivery is carried out by the company. You don’t need to deal with customers yourself or deal with returns or queries.

Most people don’t have £300,000 to £400,000 to start-up their own business. They don’t want to be tied up to a loan or commit themselves to running a full-time business.

The internet based online business enables people to start their own business on a low budget and work it part-time to build it up over time.

Once they pick up internet marketing skills, the business starts to pick up momentum and their monthly earnings start to pile up.

Would you spend less than £100 monthly to have your own global internet based business?

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