Jan 11

The Online Greed Trap

The internet has been swamped with pyramid/investment scams since the early days and it’s not getting any better.

Most of these rely on people investing in schemes and also getting paid commissions on getting others to invest in these schemes.

There are bigger rewards for re-investing your profits back into the scheme. This element plays with the human emotion of greed.

People carry on investing back into the scheme until the company suddenly disappears and all the money is gone. Most people are left with nothing to show for their hard earned money invested into these schemes.

There are also legitimate income opportunities which are based on the multi-level marketing model. The income generated by the company is paid out in commissions every month. The cash is flowing continuously, it’s not piled up or re-invested by members.

A legitimate network marketing (multi-level marketing) opportunity pays its members from the money generated from actual sales of products/services.

As long as the product/service is being used my members in your network, you will continue to get paid commissions. The product/service offered by the company must be in demand and do the job it is designed for.

In a legitimate network marketing company, you don’t have to purchase increasing amounts of products/services every month. All you need to do is to setup a monthly auto-ship order for your own personal use. This will ensure that you are qualified to earn commissions every month.

Anything that is based on increasing amounts of money being invested is most likely going to get closed down or the money getting into the hands of the scamming few at the top of the pyramid.

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Make 2017 the year you achieve financial freedom. Your actions will determine your future, either you do what you have been doing for the past year or start making changes to break out of the matrix.

Don’t invest in things that look to good to be true. Look at the pay plan and try and work out where the money is coming from.

Are there real products or services offered by the company?

Is the money coming in from bulk investments from members?

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