Apr 21

What Is Your Number 1 Asset As An Internet Marketer?

number 1 assetUnless you know what you are building as an Internet Marketer, you will continue to struggle in making money online.

As an Internet Marketer you earn money by selling your own products/services and in the majority of cases selling other peoples products/services.

You can create a blog to market these products and services. Mostly you will rely on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media and Video Marketing.

A better approach is to build up a list of prospects in your niche area. This can be done by offering someting of value to your visitors and capturing their email details on an autoresponder. This process is known as List Building.

Once you have built-up a list, you will be able to send out emails to all the people on your list. You can set up automated emails as an autoresponder message series. You can also send out one-off broadcasts to your entire list.

Your List is your number 1 asset… if you are able to build-up a large list of highly targeted people in your niche, you will be able to earn money on demand.

Just imagine having a list of 10,000 highly targeted prospects. If you send them an email with a product/service that they will find valuable, some of them will buy using your link.

If you sent out an offer that paid you $20 per sale and only 2% of the people in your list decided to buy it…  you would earn 200 x $20 = $4,000 from a single mailing.

If the product/service paid a recurring monthly commission, you will be earning $4,000 monthly!

Even if it took you 2 to 3 years to build up your list, it will still be worth the effort.

Top internet marketers have lists in excess of 100,000 subscribers in various niches.

They are able to generate $50,000+ from a single email broadcast.

You too can build your own list of targeted subscribers. You can start with zero subscribers and grow it to thousands of subscribers within a few months.

I am using a funnel system that is converting really well… Some days I get 2 – 3 subscribers and other days I get 5 to 10 subscribers.

On average I’m getting 5 subscribers daily to my list, at this rate I will have 5 x 365 = 1,825 subscribers within a year.

If I step up my marketing I and start getting 20 subscribers daily, I will get 20 x 365 = 7,300 subscribers within a year.

I have started a brand new list, and my goal is to grow this to over 10,000 subscribers within 2 years.

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This converts really well and captures all your leads and also has list building training within the member’s area.

Even if you managed to generate just one subscriber daily, you will have 1 x 365 = 356 subscribers within a year.

If you sent out a mailing that converted at 2% and earned you $20 commission per sale, you would earn 7 x $20 = $140

$140 from a single mailing is not bad compared to the earning from an average job. Some people work 12 hours just to earn $140.

Wealthy people build assets and poor people build liabilities. As an Internet Marketer, you list is your number 1 asset. You should concentrate on building this every day.

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