Jun 08

How To Become An Internet Business Leader

Your personal leadership ability is the major limit on what you can achieve as an internet marketer. If you are building an online business that evolves creating leverage by building and leading a team, your leadership skills are really important.

leadershipIn order to create growth in your network, you will need to lead by example and pass on your leadership skills to your front line business partners.

Leadership is the most important factor for online business success. It is your ability to get results. When you become a great leader, people will flock up to join your organization.

As a leader you will need to have a clear vision of the future. You need to define your major goals clearly and stay focused on them. Share your goals with your team members.

You as a leader will need to have the courage to take action with no guarantee of success. You need to have the flexibility to test new ideas and marketing methods. Some will work, others will not. Learn from your mistakes and also your successes.

Make a resolution to yourself: “I will not stop until I am Successful”. Pass on this philosophy to all your team members.

Work on your skill set daily, so that you can set and achieve your business goals. Continue to seek faster, better and easier ways of getting prospects and converting them to loyal customers or team members.

Break down and prioritize your key marketing tasks. Work on the most important tasks first, the ones that will increase your business most.

Stay focused on the key tasks that will enable you to get maximum results. Concentrate your efforts on these key tasks to produce the results.

You as a leader need to solve problems and make decisions that will increase your own productivity as well as your teams productivity.

Always lead by example, be a role model for your team. Ask yourself this question: “What kind of a business would my business be, if everyone in it was just like me?”.

Your goal should be to pass on your best qualities as a leader to your team members. You are looking to develop new leaders within your team that are focused on a similar vision as yourself.

Always be on the ball, perform at your peak. You are setting an example to your team members.

When you are faced with obstacles or problems, look for the simplest and easiest solution. This is the solution that has the least amount of steps. Your goal should be to keep your business easy to understand and duplicate for your team members.

What are your 3 major business goals right now?

Identify your goals and write them down. This will help you to stay focused on them.

What are 3 ways you can market your online business faster, better and cheaper?

Look for the most cost effective way to market and grow your business. Your goal is to get the fastest results at the cheapest cost.

What are your 3 top priorities for your business and financial life right now?

Think about how much growth you would like to see in your business. Set a goal of how much money you would like to earn in the next 6 months, 12 months, 3 years and 5 years.

What areas of your business should you focus your time and resources on?

Explore which areas of your business need to be worked on to enable you to get better results and boost your earnings.

What are the 3 obstacles that you are facing right now?

Work out what’s holding you back from expanding your business at the rate you would like to. What is letting you down? your prospecting, conversions, duplication, retention…

What are the simplest ways to solve each of these obstacles?

Do you need to generate more prospects? (marketing resources: better lead capture pages, safelists, videos, blogging, social media…)

Do you need more conversions? (engage more with your prospects, better autoresponder follow-ups, videos…)

Do you need more duplication in your team? (pass on a clear vision, motivate your team, training…)

Leadership is about solving problems and providing a clear vision of the future possibilities. A leader that is able to tackle obstacles and stay focused on the end goal will attract a large number of team members.

Chances are that a large number of people will be marketing the same products, service and opportunities as you…

How do you get them to buy from you or join the opportunity as part of your team?

Most people are looking for a leader/mentor to work with. You will need to stand out as a leader that is focused on success and also dedicated to help your team succeed!

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