Apr 19

I have just qualified as a Bronze Team Leader(BTL) With SFI

This month I have qualified as a Bronze Team Leader in my SFI business. I have sponsored 3 Executive Affiliates (EA) and 1 Bronze Team Leader (BTL). My monthly residual income from SFI is growing, I am not allow to disclose my earnings.

btl2I started with SFI around 6 months ago, I did not really focus on it much… but still carried on promoting it on my blog. I now have a global team that numbers just above 200. Only a small number of them are active, this is the expected in a Multi-Level program.

SFI attracts thousands of affiliates daily, as it is free to join. The vast majority don’t really do much with it. The small number that are successful with SFI become Executive Affiliates (EA), this opens up the compensation play for them. They start to see monthly earnings in the members area and start to believe in the SFI opportunity.

These EAs start to duplicate their downlines and work towards moving up the leadership ranks. The Platinum Team Leaders (PTL) earn a substantial monthly income from SFI. My goal is to create Platinum Team Leaders within my SFI network, I know I will reach PTL status if I have a number of PTLs in my downline.

I am going to start working closely with a select number of people to help them reach Bronze Team Leader rank within the next 6 months. I know what is required as I have reached this rank. The training is available in the SFI members area.

The main thing that lets people down is “Focus”. I will help you stay focused by working with you closely. You will be treated like a real team member, not just a recruit!

If you would like to work with me, you must prove yourself by join my SFI Team (Click Here To Get Started). You will need to reach Executive Affiliate (EA) rank to prove that you are serious about becoming a Team Leader. Once you have qualified as an EA, I will work with you closely to keep you focused, motivated and help you create a marketing plan to reach your desired level of success with SFI.

btlSo many people make BIG promises, set BIG goals, but end up taking ZERO action make it happen. I am looking for real ACTION takers to build a team this will rock SFI on a global scale!

My next goal is to become a Silver Team Leader (STL) next month. It all starts with a dream and you being able to take consistent action to transform it into your reality.

Click Here to join my SFI team now. Once you have joined as a free member, access the members area and go through the training. If you have any questions, you will be able to contact me via your SFI members area.

I look forward to working with you,

Mujibur Rahman

SFI – Bronze Team Leader

(Helping people create financial freedom using the internet)