Jan 29

How Do You Get People To Visit Your Blog

How Do You Get People To Visit Your BlogTake this scenario for example… You have created a blog and are getting around 10 to 15 visitors daily. You post the occasional update, when you can find some time to do so.

You are now searching for ways to get more people to visit your blog. This sound like the same thought that’s going on in the mind of millions of bloggers worldwide.

Most people get started with blogging, to try and earn money from the traffic to their blog. This is what got them to start up their blog.

Let me be a little straight forward with you… it usually does not work that way.

Firstly you need to blog around something that you are really passionate about, something that is close to your heart. When you write about something that excites you, your blog post will also excite your visitors.

You need to write from your heart and make the blog posts over 500 words in length. Don’t just waffle on to bulk up the words. Write something that is going to motivate, excite, inspire or bring a moment of joy for the reader.

Post at least one article everyday on your blog, make sure it’s 500 words or more. It needs to me your own work. If you are passionate about something, you will be able to write 500 or more words in under an hour.

At first it may take some time to write your posts, with time and practice it will become easier and faster.

Once your blog starts to churn out new post daily, they will start to get picked up by search engines and social media. You can give this process a helping hand by placing social media sharing buttons below your posts. You can easily do this by using plugins.

I have made a decision to post at least one new article on my blog. I started doing this from the 19th of January 2015. I used to get around 20 to 40 visitors to my blog daily. This has now started to increase daily.

The great thing about social media is that it can easily make your posts go viral. I posted an articles titled: 4 People You Must Forgive . This article has touched the hearts of many people worldwide. It was picked up by Stumble Upon, and has started to go viral.

This article has been viewed by thousands of people worldwide. Today my daily blog visitor count has reached over 1000 visitors!

The important thing is to really decide on the purpose of your blog. Why are you writing the articles and who is your target audience?

My goal is to inspire, motivate and help people become the best they can be. I want to empower them with happiness, financial and time freedom.

Most people in the world would like to achieve financial freedom and also the time freedom to go with it. The first step is to change your mindset, before things around you start to change.

Internal change needs to take place, before external changes can be observed. This is the reason you need to focus on personal development.