Jun 27

The Most Stable Global Online MLM Program

With the current problems faced by Payza (formerly AlertPay), a large number of online mlm programs have been effected.

After PayPal had decided to move away from online business models that operated using multi-level compensation plans, most programs moved over to using Payza (AlertPay) as an alternative.

Currently Payza does not allow members to fund their accounts using credit cards. This has resulted in many online mlm programs having their subscriptions canceled by members. Some of these programs are using alternative online payment solution, but these are likely to face the face problems as Payza.

The best solution is where the online mlm program has its own merchant account and offers direct credit card based subscriptions. The commission checks should also be mailed out or paid via PayPal.

Better Web Builder has got this right from the start. The accept credit card based subscriptions and send out commission checks or PayPal payments.

I have been paid commissions several times via PayPal, which still continues to be the most trusted online payment solution.

There will be a large number of people worldwide joining Better Web Builder, as it has proven to be a stable and reliable online mlm program for a long time.

I am building a global mlm team using Better Web Builder and it continues to grow month, after month.

I invite you to take a look at how Better Web Builder can help you build up a substantial monthly residual income.

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