Stop Focusing On What Is, Focus On What Can Be

Most people are trapped within the environment they have been born into or got themselves into.

firstsetptowardsuccessMost people would say that you are a product of your environment, but you can also rephrase this in a different way. I would say that your environment is a product of you. It’s a product of your thoughts and actions.

As long as you keep on focusing on your external environment, you will stay attached to it.

You need to start focusing on the environment you would like to see yourself in, not your current one.

You create the environment your would like to be in, by focusing on it, visualizing it and taking actions daily.

You may find yourself in an environment that is not to your liking, there may be high crime, nasty neighbors, drug abuse… things that you really dislike and feel bothered about.

Everyone wants to live in a peaceful neighborhood, in a nice house. They want to feel safe. They don’t want their family to be in danger or their property abused.

Even if you ask a criminal, why they got involved in crime… they would tell you that it was due to the neighborhood they grew up in.

The truth is that their focus on deprivation and their surrounding has led them to  a life of crime. There are many people from deprived neighborhoods that move onto create their dream lifestyles. They stayed focused on what they really wanted and not on what they did not like.

Everyone can justify their current circumstances by blaming it on their up bringing, neighborhood, piers… basically others not themselves.

The real creator of their current circumstance is none other then themselves. They have created it by the thoughts they focused on and the action (or lack of) they took.

Every decision you make contributes to your destiny. Choose your path wisely, you will be the one that will get there and live it.

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