Some Like Coca Cola, Others Like Pepsi

My job as an internet marketer is to find the people that like the brand I am marketing.

cocacolapepsiIt is not my job to convince people who love Coca Cola to switch over to Pepsi and vice versa.

If I am you selling Coca Cola, I look for people that enjoy drinking Coca Cola… I don’t waste my time and money marketing Coca Cola to Pepsi drinkers!

I know that I will sell much more Coca Cola, if I target my marketing towards people already like Coca Cola. I leave the branding and convincing to Coca Cola and Pepsi. It’s not my job to convince people to swap brands.

The above scenario is just an example of how I approach Internet Marketing. I look for people that are likely to be interested in the opportunities, services and products that I am marketing.

This is called targeted marketing, it enables get you higher conversion rates. Don’t waste your money on marketing to the masses, stick to your niche market.

If are involved with multi-level marketing, your conversion rate will be much higher if you target people within the MLM niche.

Your job is to present the opportunity you are marketing to your prospects. Leave it up to them to make the decision to work with you or not.

Brush up your marketing skills and offer your prospects real value and guidance. Most people are searching for leaders that can offer marketing tools, advice and also motivation.

They don’t want you to convince them that your opportunity, products or services are better than what they are using. You should outline the benefits and let them be the judge.

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