Sir Richard Branson’s $17M Necker Island Rebuild: Exclusive Tour

A quick tour of billionaire entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson’s 73 acres of pure paradise, Necker Island.

Necker is part of the British Virgin Islands in located in the Caribbean Sea. It was on the market in 1978 for £3 Million, but Sir Richard Branson managed to negotiate it down to only £150,000 in true Virgin style.

The islands Great House was burnt down in August 2011, but has now been restored at a cost of $17 Million. It took 25 months of work and is now 20% larger.

It will cost you $60,000 a night to hire out the island’s  Great House, and you can accommodate 30 of your friends. You will have a staff of 1,000 members at your service.

This experience of paradise will cost you around $2,500 per hour! There are various activities on the Island, including a luxurious tennis court.

Sir Richard Branson is the founder and CEO of the Virgin Group. He started off the Virgin Brand selling records in his school days. It is now a respected brand name that has interests in various sectors.

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