Shoe Polish And Online Marketing Systems

What has shoe polish got to do with online marketing systems?

I caught my son trying to cut off the top of a liquid shoe polish. I asked him why he wanted to cut off the sponge on top off the shoe polish bottle.

He said that it was blocking the liquid shoe polish from coming out of the plastic bottle. I asked him, how he had tried using the shoe polish.

He said that, he had tried squeezing the bottle, but the shoe polish would not come out. So he figured that the sponge on top off the bottle must have been stopping it.

I showed him, that the sponge on the top off the bottle had to be pushed on to the shoe to release the shoe polish. He tried it, and it worked!

The sponge was there for a purpose and the shoe polish was not actually blocked by it. He did not know how the shoe polish bottle worked.

He did not even bother to read the instructions, he just assumed that the sponge was blocking it and reached for the scissors.

Most people do the same with online marketing systems. They don’t bother to read the instructions. They assume that the system does not work. In reality the system works just fine, if they follow the instructions.

If an online marketing system is working for other internet marketers, it can also work for you too. You need to find out how it works, and apply the instructions.

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