SFI Update – 29th October 2013

I joined SFI as a Free affiliate on the 26th of September 2013.  I was looking for a Global Income Opportunity that could be worked from home using the internet.

sfibannerI was looking for something that was low cost and offered leverage. SFI attracted my attention as it was Free to get started as an affiliate.

It also offered a multi-level pay plan that offered real leverage. SFI also had a proven track record for over 10 years.

I jumped on board on the 26th of September 2013 as a free affiliate. I worked the business as outlined in the SFI members area.

Within a month I made the rank of Bronze Team Leader (BTL). I am just 298 action points away from reaching the next leadership rank, Sliver Team Leader (STL).

I have seen many members from so called “Third World” countries, reaching the highest rank of Platinum Team Leader (PTL).

SFI has truly removed the barrier and leveled the playing field. It offers anyone with a strong desire and willing to take massive action, the opportunity to build up a life changing monthly residual income.

People from many different backgrounds and financial status have been able to build up a successful online business with SFI. They started with various levels of online marketing and business skills, from the complete novice to seasoned professionals.

The common factor which determined their success with SFI was sticking to the proven action plan and building up leadership skills. SFI will help you become a strong leader, you will learn from people that have created real success using SFI.

sfi29october2013The more effort you put into your SFI business, the more rewards you will reap! SFI is a stable online business, which will enable you to build up a long lasting monthly residual income.

Some of the highest paid SFI affiliates are earning in excess of $30,000 monthly. This will take time and effort to achieve, but it’s well worth the effort for a business that you can work from home and also start up for FREE!

Click Here to join my SFI team and I will personally coach you towards reaching the SFI leadership ranks!

My goal is to reach Platinum Team Leader (PTL), rank within 36 months! I have reached the first Leadership rank in under a month!

I believe it is possible for anyone to reach Platinum Team Leader rank in 36 months. I am willing to personally work with people worldwide that are highly motivated and willing to take massive action. Click Here to join my SFI team now!

Just imagine what your life will be like in 36 months time (only 3 years)! Put in the massive effort for 36 months and reap the rewards for months and years to come.

Most people work a job for 30 to 40 years with little to show for it. They don’t have much money coming in once they retire from their jobs, maybe just enough to get by on.

What if you could build up a monthly residual income that will free you from your day job in 36 months. Enabling you to build up a monthly residual income that is more than what you get in your current job, and you don’t have to work for it after 36 months!

Think of your SFI business as a fast-track way to build up a monthly income that keeps on coming in, even if you decide to do nothing after the initial 36 months!

Click Here to join my SFI team now and I will work with you personally to help you build up a successful online business!

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