SFI Update – 11th October 2013

My SFI Team is growing daily, and I’m on track to reach my goal of becoming a Six Figure Income earner within 36 months.

sfiteam11october2013I have 8 PSAs (Personal Sponsored Affiliates) and 4 CSAs (CO-Sponsored Affiliates) so far. Some of them are active, the ones that have understood the SFI business model. This is a business that will allow you to build up a long term residual income.

It will not happen over night, it takes marketing effort and leadership skills. Growth within your network will be slow in the initial stage, but once you have built up enough momentum, you will start to see results.

sfirank11october2013I need 785 more VPs (Versa Points) to reach the rank of BTL (Bronze Team Leader). I am going to achieve this with the help of my global team of affiliates.

This is enough proof that this business works! I will continue to build up my SFI business and support other entrepreneurs in my network that are willing to create financial freedom using SFI.

Click Here to join my SFI team and build your own online business that will earn you an ongoing residual income. You can get started as a Free Affiliate and grow your business and income to the level you desire.

There is no ceiling with the SFI opportunity, some affiliates are earning a few hundred dollars monthly and others are earning over $30,000 monthly.

My goal is to build up a monthly residual income of over $10,000 within 36 months. This will take time and effort, but I am determined to make it my reality.

I am looking for other like minded entrepreneurs worldwide that are ready and willing to build up a Six Figure Income using SFI within 36 months. If you are willing to use this proven online business to transform your lifestyle, Click Here to join my team now.

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