Personal Development Videos For You

I have just created a  website that offers personal development videos. The videos are selected and streamed from YouTube using relevant keywords and phrases.

When you need a little motivation or inspiration, click over to:


A new video is played on every visit to the site or when the page is refreshed. You can also watch the videos by clicking on them. You can navigate using the categories menu.

I will create more categories to bring you the best personal development videos.

Watch the videos and share with your friends. I will be creating a FB fan page to build a community and drive people interested in personal development to the site.

The site is brand new and has not been indexed on the search engines yet. I will carry out some seo techniques to get it indexed by Google and Bing.

From time to time we all lose focus on our goal, watching these videos can help to keep you focused and back on track.



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