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Why Most People Fail In MLM

Old School MLM

There are a small number of people worldwide that are earning $50,000 – $200,000 monthly from MLM companies that peaked in the last 20 years. Companies like Amway, Herbalife International, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Avon…

They built their MLM businesses using old school marketing and sponsoring methods like weekly meeting, handing out fliers, magazines, tapes and CD’s. They also used 3 way calls to book prospects onto weekly meetings.

They advised the people they sponsored talk to every one they came into contact with about their mlm business. They asked them to build a list of everyone they knew, friends, family, postman, milkman, corner shop owner….

Old school mlm recruiting also involved handing out cards and posting fliers on cars. Phoning people daily, day and night.

The sad truth is that this worked 20 years ago… society as a whole has changed. These old school methods do not produce the results any more.

No one wants to make lists of friends and family, they don’t want to call people on the phone. They don’t want to look like a freak, handing out cards and flyers in their neighbourhood.

All this is too much hard work for people in this modern age. Sure people want to leave the rat race, they want a better lifestyle, but they don’t want to become a rat to do so.

This is the main reason that people move from one mlm opportunity to another, thinking that the next opportunity would be better than their current one. But they are disappointed, the grass is not any greener. The failure cycle starts to repeat itself over and over, until they quit mlm for good.

They go onto become mlm haters. Anything mlm related brings out their past emotions of fear and failure. Just because they did not succeed with mlm, does not mean that the mlm companies are moving products, services and paying out massive commissions.

The old school mlm recruiting methods worked well in the early days. Some people have built up massive monthly incomes in 5 – 10 years.

Most people that have created financial freedom using mlm opportunities in this modern era, are the ones that have used the marketing systems and tools provided on the internet.

They have used marketing system that capture leads, send out automated follow-up messages. These systems have created real duplication, as the exact same system can also be used by the person they sponsor.

The new bread of online mlm entrepreneurs have used the internet to brand themselves as leaders. The have used blogs, videos, info products… to get the message out.

They have used online tools to get the message out to thousands of people worldwide. They have video’s and blogs doing the presentation for them even while the sleep.

These online mlm entrepreneurs have become accomplished internet marketers by using proven systems and tools. They are using what is termed as “Attraction Marketing“, people are looking for them. People worldwide are ready and willing to join their mlm downlines.

This is not because they have joined the next big thing in mlm, it’s because of the value they can offer. The marketing systems, tools, and tips they can offer.

People are ready to work with them because they want to learn the secrets of personal branding from them. They too want to become leaders, they too want to use attraction marketing.

Most people fail in mlm because they can’t find the right people to build a successful downline. The don’t know how to use the internet as a global prospecting and recruiting tool.

Top mlm earners know how to capture a massive amount of leads using the internet. They also know how to sell the mlm dream, not the products and services.

This Is The BIGGEST SECRET In MLM… I am Going To REVEAL It To You NOW…

“Your Success in ANY MLM Opportunity is Determined by Your Ability To Sell The MLM Dream… Not The Product or Service”

If you can sell the dream, the lifestyle… the products and services will sell themselves.

Most people will tell you that you need to sell the features and benefits of the products and services… This is NOT true.

If you want to create financial freedom using MLM, you need to sell the dream of financial freedom to the people you want to recruit.

You need to outline a plan that they can use to reach the level of earnings that will enable them to live their dream lifestyle.

This plan has to be workable, your prospects must also see it as something that they can do. Most people are not looking for a second job on the internet, they are looking for a way to replace their first job.

If someone is looking for a paid job on the internet… MLM is NOT really an option for them. If they are looking for a way out of the rat race, them MLM could help them create the lifestyle them really want.

What’s Working Now

I am using Digital Wealth Builder to create financial freedom using the internet. It is a plan that is easy to follow and can also help you create your financial freedom too.

To your massive success,

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