Over 6,000 Unique Visitors In 30 Days

I launched Global MLM Ads on the 1st of July 2012, so far I have had over 6,000 unique visitors on the site.

The site is designed as a low cost marketing resource for network marketers worldwide. It is a classifieds site, but it is not free.

I tried running free classifieds sites before, the major problem with them was that I got tons of unrelated adverts posted by spammers worldwide.

By keeping the cost of listings at the starting price of only $3 for 30 days listing, I have been able to cut out the spam and offer visibility to people that are serious about building a global MLM business.

I have been using the revenue generated for the adverts to bring in targeted visitors to the site. This has resulted in highly targeted prospects viewing the adverts.

With your support I would like to take the number of daily unique visitors to the site to over 1,000 by the end of 2012.

Every advert that is listed on the site also benefits from by social sharing with people that are involved in MLM worldwide.

My goal is to get at least 300 – 500 people to view your advert in 30 days.

300 – 500 views of your advert by highly targeted prospects for only $3 is  the best deal you will get in marketing your MLM opportunity online!

Even if you send a solo advert to 30,000 people for $20 – $30 , you are not guaranteed to get 300 – 500 people opening your email!

Get your MLM opportunity seen by highly targeted prospects worldwide at:

=> http://www.globalmlmads.com

Pass on the link to your downline members. If they are serious about building a MLM network, the $3 spend will be well worth it.


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