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I published uploaded my ebook “The Best Online MLM Opportunity” on Scribd on the 16th of January 2012. By the 18th of January (2 Days), I had over 500 views.

Scribd is a great source for getting people to view your online opportunities. You must remember some important factor that will enable you to get a ton of traffic from Scribd:

1. Make sure the title of your ebook/document draws interest.

2. Offer quality content.

3. Make sure that the front page has large headlines or an image that draws interest.

4. Subscribe to people that are interested in your niche.

Take a look at my ebook at:

=> http://www.scribd.com/doc/78447965/The-Best-Online-Mlm-Opportunity

Subscribe to my updates at:

=> http://www.scribd.com/mujiburr_23

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