Over 100 Unique Visitors To My Blog Today!

I had over 100 unique visitors from around the world to my blog today. I stopped blogging for a while and the traffic to the blog just dropped down to around 20 – 30 unique visitors daily.

100uniquevisitorsI have started to share valuable and inspiring content on my blog recently. This has already started to boost the traffic, this is the first day I have reached 100 unique visitors in months.

I used to have around 500 to 600 unique visitors to my blog daily a little while back. I got lazy and stopped posting articles on a regular basis.

I also had 2 leads subscribe to my list to get more information. I have published to articles that provide real value to internet marketers that are starting out.

I will continue to share more valuable information and also articles to motivate and inspire people within the internet marketing community.

The reason why I stopped blogging was due to loss of FOCUS! I should have stuck to posting at least one informative article daily. This would have taken my traffic to over 1000 unique visitors daily.

Now that I have proven to myself that my blog articles are generating interest within the internet marketing community, I will make a commitment of posting a minimum of one article on by blog daily.

Staying focused on this is task will be hard, but it will become second nature after a while. I need your support to keep me going in this initial stage.

I will keep you updated on the results. I hope that you find my articles to be beneficial, inspiring and motivating. My goal is to make this blog a really valuable resource for internet marketers worldwide.

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