Over 100 People Visited My Blog Today

I had over 100 people visit my blog today…

over100visitorsThe blog posts are getting picked up by Google and also some social sharing is kicking in. I have decided to work with Organo Gold is my primary business.

My goal is to become a diamond within 24 months by helping the people that join my downline reach top ranks in Organo Gold. I am attracting prospects for my Organo Gold team as a result of visitors to my blog.

I will carry on posting articles and information related to Organo Gold, network marketing, personal development and team building. My goal is to post at least one article on my blog everyday.

I would like to get a minimum of 1000 visitors to my blog daily within 90 days. Today is the 5th of February 2013, I hope to reach the 1000 daily visitors target by the 6th of May 2013.

I am building Organo Gold as my primary business, which is going to enable me to generate a long term residual income. Over the next 24 months, hundreds of people will become part of my binary teams.

I am currently placing personal referrals into both my left side and right side of my binary tree. If you would like to build a network marketing business that earns you a long lasting residual income, take a look at Organo Gold.

If you treat this business like a real business and stay focused on it for 24 months, it could earn you a monthly residual income that could be more than your current monthly salary.

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