Organo Gold About To Reach A Billion Dollars In Annual Sales

Organo Gold sold over $1,000,000 of products in 2008, the year it was launched.


In 2009 the annual sales reached $15,000,000, in 2010 sales reached $60,000,000, in 2011 annual sales reached $150,000,000 and in 2012 annual sales topped $300,000,000.

The company is on target to reach $1,000,000,000 (1 Billion) in sales by 2014.

Organo Gold sells gourmet beverages infused with the health benefits of Organic Ganoderma. The main product being healthy coffee that tastes better than major brands.

It operates on a network marketing business model. All products are sold through their distributors and a large percentage of the revenue is shared with their distributors.

Some of the top distributors in Organo Gold are earning over a million dollars in commissions.

If you are ready to work with Organo Gold and claim your share of this exponentially growing annual sales revenue, join our global team at:

We offer full training and support to help you build a successful business.

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