My First Amazon Niche Blog

I have been looking at creating a niche blog to monetize using the Amazon Affiliate program for a while. It was a tough choice choosing the niche.Have Fun 247

I decided to go with the fun gadgets and gizmos niche. I have registered the domain:

I have installed WordPress on and will manage the site as a blog.

I have posted to blog articles. One on the Magic Cube and another on the Hand Spinner Fidget.

I will be targeting the UK market and thus will use the affiliate program.

The commission for Toys is 5%, this will require a lot of sales to earn a substantial amount.

The average selling price is around £15 per item. Each sale should earn me on average £0.75, for me to earn £50 daily, I will need to generate 67 sales.

This would earn me a monthly income of £1,500… this is an optimistic target for a low priced niche. The positive in my favour is that there are thousands of these gadgets and gizmos sold daily in the UK.

My goal is target these buyers and get them to purchase via my affiliate link. This will require highly intensive SEO.

This is my first amazon niche site and will serve as a test. I will use it to learn from my mistakes and will use it as a learning experience to launch more productive amazon niche sites.

I will keep you posted on my progess with this test. To be honest I will be happy if I get to generate £10 in average daily commissions.

If I can achieve this, I will be able to create more niches sites to increase my earnings.

I’m starting on a zero balance on the 8th of March 2017

Let’s see how long it takes me to generate my first sale.

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