MLM – Good or Bad?

MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) or Network Marketing has been dismissed by some people as a scam and a waste of time, others see it as the perfect business model and a life saver.

mlmgoodorbadSome people start to bad mouth MLM because they tried it and failed to earn a substantial income using it. The MLM company that choose to work with may not have operated as they expected. The person that sponsored them into the MLM business may not have been around to offer them training and support.

Some entrepreneurs would say that MLM is the vehicle that helped them create financial freedom and live the dream lifestyle. These MLM entrepreneurs worked with a proven MLM company and treated it like a real business.

MLM is not Good or Bad, it is a proven business model. It’s the company and people involved that make it Good or Bad.

The people that create the biggest incomes in MLM are the ones that concentrate on building large teams. They train the people they sponsor to duplicate their efforts and pass on the same training to  members they also sponsor.

They are also great teachers and possess excellent leadership qualities, above all they have a burning desire to create financial freedom using MLM.

Most people get involved with MLM on a part-time basis. They need to hold onto their current jobs to meet their monthly outgoings. They treat their part-time MLM business as their main business, this is what is going to help them quit their current job or jobs.

You can get started in most MLM businesses with a minimum investment of only $200 – $300. Most successful MLM entrepreneurs treated their MLM businesses as Million Dollar Investments, even though it cost them only $200 – $300 to get started. They were able to see the growth potential of their MLM business.

The people that has the bigger vision, most desire and take massive action, will become the leaders in any MLM company.

A teacher once showed showed an acorn placed on the palm of his had to one of his students, and asked him “what do you see?”. The student replied “an acorn”.

He asked another student “what do you see?”, the student replied “an oak tree”.

He asked another student “what do you see?”, the student replied “a forest”.

It was the same acorn, but each of the three student visualized something different. The first student could not visualize anything other than what is.

The second student could visualize an oak tree growing from the acorn.

The third student went further and visualized a whole forest of oak trees flourishing from the acorn as the initial seed.

The people that become leaders in MLM have truly mastered visualization, motivation, focus, communication and marketing.

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