Marketing Like Steve Ballmer

If you can market like Steve Ballmer, I guaranteed you will be successful with any MLM opportunity!

marketinglikesteveballmerIn case you were wondering “Who is Steve Ballmer?”… He is the marketing guy that is behind the success of Microsoft. Steve Ballmer can raise the level of enthusiasm in a crowded room within a couple of minutes.

I remember him saying “You have to learn to ride the Bear to become successful!” in the documentary Triumph of the Nerds. Steve was saying that you need to get on the bear’s back and stay on… the bear will twist and turn, try and throw you off his back… but you must hold on to your grip and stay on, no matter what the bear does. Once you get over the twisting and turning and manage to stay on the bears back, you become the master!

Success with MLM is like riding that bear, he will try and throw you off his back. Most people are afraid of the bear, let alone get on his back. The small number that do decide to ride the bear get thrown off his back at the first twist and turn. A select few are able to hold on to the bear (the vision,  the dream) and are able to become the master.

Riding the bear (MLM) is not going to be easy, but the rewards for mastering it are infinite! For you to become successful in MLM, you need to stay motivated, no matter what happens.

You will come across obstacles daily, it is up to you to treat these as challenges or  stumbling blocks. Every challenge that you overcome will make you stronger. You will be tested along the road, you will need to pick up new skills and improve on existing ones.

The skills that will make you shine like a diamond in crowd are:

1. Communication

2. Marketing

3. Presentation

You will also need to have these traits in place:

1. Determination

2. Focus

3. The Ability To Take Massive Action

You will need to pick up the skills and traits that will enable you to become a leader. People in MLM are looking for leaders to mentor/coach them to MLM success.

Take a look at the Steve Ballmer’s enthusiasm… He sounds crazy, but the level of enthusiasm can be felt by everyone in the crowd and also the viewers.

If you are ready to ride the bear, take a look at the Xplocial Income Opportunity. I will be there for you on the journey, but you must master the skills necessary to become a leader.

I will guide you, coach you… but you must put in the action and stay focused on your dream. I will work with you to help you become a Leader in MLM… I will help you master the bear!

You will need to get out of your comfort zone, you will need to develop communications and marketing skills. You will need to develop leadership skills and traits.

Your job in MLM is to help people that you sponsor become leaders. You want them to become more successful than you! You don’t just want to duplicate yourself, you want to create a better and stronger leader than yourself!

To Your Success,

Mujibur Rahman


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