I’m Looking For 10 Diamonds

10 DiamondsAre you tough enough to become one of my 10 diamonds?

I’m looking for entrepreneurs worldwide who are ready to build a monthly passive income using the internet.

I have decided to work with a well-established internet based income opportunity. The company is called SFI, it has been running for over 19 years and paying out commissions every month.

If you are looking to build-up a long-term monthly passive income, look at what is on offer. I am looking for highly motivated entrepreneurs who are ready to take massive action to reach the highest commission level in SFI, Diamond Team Leader (DTL).

You will get started as an Affiliate and move up the ranks to reach DTL, the highest rank in SFI.

I will place you in my front-line and work with you until you become a Diamond Team Leader. There are 10 front-line positions on offer.

I have created a marketing system to enable entrepreneurs worldwide to build-up their network in SFI.

I’m looking for people who serious about transforming their lifestyle. You will need to put in hard work and take massive action.

You can get started on a part-time basis, but will need to take consistent marketing effort. I will work with you closely to get you to DTL.

This is not a get rich quick schemes, it will take time to create a substantial monthly income. Once you have built-up a team of your own, you will continue to get paid month after month. This is for the long-term.

You will need to put in some effort at the initial stage to create momentum. Once you have reached DTL in SFI, your income should start to build-up every month with little effort.

Here Is What You Need To Do:

  1. Register at: http://www.copy4wealth.com
  2. Register as an Affiliate in SFI using the link that will be sent to you after you have registered at http://www.copy4wealth.com
  3. Become an Executive Affiliate (EA) in SFI.
  4. Email me at: contactmujibur@gmail.com with Subject: I’m Your Diamond.

Tell me about yourself and work with me to create a plan to get you to DTL.

The marketing system will go live on 1st August 2017. I’m looking to position my 10 front-line (direct referrals) to build-up 10 Diamond Team Leaders (DTL).

As a direct referral, you will have your unique SFI referral URL placed in our rotator. My marketing efforts will get you direct referrals.

Once I have 10 key people in place, I will be working with these people exclusively.

If you are ready to become one of my 10 Diamonds, get started today and prove yourself. Take action now and build-up a substantial monthly income within 12 – 24 months!

I’m looking for people who are looking to build a long-term internet based business that pays commissions month after month.

Become part of my Master Mind Team of 10 Diamonds. You will start off as an Affiliate, make sure you get to Executive Affiliate (EA) before you email me.

I’m looking for people who can visualize themselves as Diamond Team Leaders. I will provide you with full-support. You will become part of my Master Mind Team and also my Business Partner.

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