How To Get Traffic To Your Site

I often get asked the question “How do you get traffic to your site?”…

My simple reply is “Blogging”. There are various online marketing tools out there, but the best tool is still blogging.

Safelists, Traffic Exchanges, Banner Ads… and Even PPC does not  provide you with highly targeted traffic.

They produce results, but take up a lot of time, effort and also money. The offers you send out using the above marketing tools are seen by people that may be interested in them. These people are also using the same tools to send out their own offers.

I find these methods similar to door to door sales… where you are provided with leads that showed some interest in the type of product or service you are selling. Once in a while you get lucky and sponsor someone into your mlm opportunity.

A lot also depends on your ability as a sales person… which is similar to the pulling power of your advertising copy.

A better option is to get the person to come to you and buy your product or service. I find this similar to having a store on the high street. The people that walk through your door are looking to buy what you are offering. You don’t need to convince them that much, they are already 80% – 90% ready to join your opportunity.

Blogging can help you create your own so called high street shop, your visitors will be highly targeted as the choose to come to your blog by following your link from search engines.

Generic traffic from search engines is still the best, and produces results.

For you to benefit from generic search traffic, you will need to create a highly optimized blog on your niche topic and provide valuable content for the end user.

You will also need to learn SEO techniques that will help your blog posts to reach high ranks on search engine listings for your chosen keywords or phrases.

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