How To Generate Free Leads Daily – Very Effective

In order to build your internet marketing business and online income, you will need to generate highly targeted leads daily. You can use various paid methods to do this, but the most effective method is FREE!

freeleadsPaying for leads can really stretch your budget when you are new to internet marketing. Good quality leads are expensive and it is difficult to get highly targeted leads, even if you are paying for them.

The most effective method that I have come across is Blogging. Once you have paid for a domain name and hosting, you have the opportunity to use your blog to generate free, highly targeted leads daily.

The best blogging platform is WordPress. You will need to tweak your WordPress blog a little to take advantage of SEO and Social Networking. You can get relevant plugins to optimize your blog for Search Engines and enable Social Sharing and comments.

It is worth the initial time in setting up your blog to make it search engine friendly and enabling social sharing and interaction.

You should create a capture capture form (optin-box) that offers your visitors valuable information in your selected niche. Make it easy for your visitors to subscribe to your list to get the relevant information. You need to make your optin-box highly visible, you don’t want your visitors to spend time looking for it.

Once your blog is optimized and you have a capture form that offers more valuable information, you are ready to drive targeted traffic to your blog.

You drive traffic to your blog by writing posts that are interesting, informative and useful to your selected niche. As you continue to add more blog posts, they will start to get picked up by Search Engines. If they are really interesting, informative or offer real value… they will start to go viral via the Social Sharing features.

A good blog post can continue to drive visitors and leads even after months of being published. You do the work once and continue to reap the rewards for a long time.

It is worth the effort to create really valuable, informative and interesting blog posts. They will also enable you to brand yourself as an expert in your chosen niche. Your blog will become popular and you will also have return visitors looking for more quality information.

A good way to increase traffic to your blog posts is by sending out an email to your subscribers once you have posted more valuable information. You can also share the link to your blog post on social networks.

I used to generate 5-6 free leads daily from my blog with only a few hundred visitors daily. I stopped updating my blog after a while and started using paid lead generation methods, as a result the traffic to by blog went down to under a hundred visitors daily. I stopped getting leads daily…. just the one or two opt-ins once in a while.

I realised that people new to internet marketing needed a free way of generating leads. The leads had to be highly targeted to offer value. Blogging is the most effective tool to use in generating free, targeted leads daily.

You can increase your opt-ins by creating more valuable blog posts and also offering valuable information and resources to get people to subscribe to your list.

If you continue to create at least one highly informative blog post daily, within 90 days you should be able to generate 4-5 free leads daily…. and in 6 months to a year, you should be able to get 10 – 15 free leads daily.

Once you start to get around 10 high quality leads daily, you will be in a position to take your internet marketing business and income to the next level.

Just picture getting over 300 highly targeted leads every month…. How many of them are going to join your business? How may will buy products and services you recommend? How much value will it add to your list?

All this from blogging… If you stay focused and take the actions… The results will follow!

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