Don’t Be A Salesperson!

Are you trying to recruit people into your MLM opportunity like a salesperson?

Most people forget the fact the MLM is about Duplication. You may be the best salesperson in the world, silver tongued, confident and articulate… can the people that you recruit duplicate these skills?

Your job as a MLM leader is to show your prospects the MLM opportunity, show them the payplan… provide them with the BIG picture of what is possible.

Let them decide if the MLM opportunity is right for them. Don’t sell them the oppotyunity, let them make the decision based on the information that you have provided.

If they join based on their own desire, they will be more likely to build a network of their own, making duplication take place.

MLM is about everyone working a little piece of the puzzle to create the BIG picture.

If you sponsor just 2 people and teach them to duplicate your efforts, you can become massively successful in MLM.

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