Do Your Prospects Trust You?

In the world of business and more so in the world of online business, sales are made based on trust.

Your prospects will be more likely to do business with you, purchase the products your recommend, if they trust you.

How Do You Build Trust?

You build trust by building a relationship with your prospects. You need to find out what they really need and provide a products or service based on their needs, not your needs!

trustIf you are promoting an online business opportunity, you will need to outline what’s in it for the prospect. You need to show them the big picture… how they are going to make money from it.

It does not matter how much you are making, they want to know how much they will be able to earn. They are looking for someone that they can trust and also mentor them towards greater success online.

They will judge you based on the information that you provide them with. They are looking for a leader that will provide them guidance, marketing knowledge and training.

They are looking for a leader that will inspire and motivate them. In order for you to become a leader that they can trust, you will need to learn about what your prospect really wants. Forget about your goal of earning X amount of money, you need to concentrate on helping your prospect earn the amount of money they desire.

You will need to provide them with a system that they can easily duplicate. Never offer third class, opportunities that are designed to rip off your prospects. Provide them with proven solutions that are working for you, ones that they can also use to earn money online.

Once your prospect trusts you, 90% of the work will have been done. They need to do the 10% to join the opportunity and follow the system.

Don’t make outrageous claims like earn $100,000 a month in residual income in only 30 days. Your job is to show them the opportunity, let them decide how much they can earn using it. You are their to provide the with support and guidance.

You will brand yourself as a great leader by getting your prospects to trust you. Relationships are based on trust in the online world.

Your prospect could easily join the same opportunity or purchase the same product from someone else. The only reason they will decide to buy from you or join the opportunity with is because they trust you.

The prospect will need to have faith in your ability as a leader. You job is to deliver the best possible solution, it would be better if you over deliver on what you promised them!


The prospect is always looking for what’s in it for them… what are your going to provide that another internet marketer will not?

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