Digital Wealth Builder Update

Digital Wealth BuilderJust tested out the Digital Wealth Builder Marketing System. I send some traffic to it from Instagram and it also got some traffic from my previous blog post.

A few people decided to sign-up and take a look at the system. I have now added a getting started video in the members area to explain how the system works.

I know the system is now functional and creating duplication within it. I will start marketing it on a regular basis to get the first 100 members signed up. This is the hardest part with a system like this.

I could have just opted to hide the number of people who have joined, but I have decided to leave it visible. I want people to be able to track my progress to the first 100 members.

Once some of the members understand the income potential offered by this system, they will start marketing it. This will create a viral effect and take as beyond 1,000 members within a couple of months.

If you are wondering what this system is all about, Click Here to join for FREE and explore what’s on offer in the members area.

Make sure you read the getting started section and also watch the getting started video. This system will be attracting a large number of entrepreneurs worldwide by the end of March 2017.

It is not going to happen with my marketing effort alone, the dulpication from the combined efforts of all members.

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