Digital Wealth Builder Launched

Digital Wealth Builder LaunchedI have been working flat-out for Over 12 hours to launch the “Digital Wealth Builder“. It is based on a site I used to generate over $5,000 in monthly passive income way back in 2003 – 2004.

The main companies I was promoting using it went out of business within a couple of years. Two of these were Juvio and Empowerism.

Ready To Create The Digital Wealth BuilderI had a flash of inspiration, while thinking back to my success with this previous marketing system. I was going to do something completely different this time.

I decided to create a similar system that offered Duplication and Leverage. It had to be based on Low Cost Online Income Opportunities & Tools. These programs had to have a proven track record.

I got up in the middle of the night and started to make plans for the system. I researched proven income opportunities and tools that offered real value to the user.

I’m looking to build something that lasts, producing a monthly passive income for a long time into the future.

The programs had to have a rewarding affiliate program attatched to them. The money has to come from sales of products and services. The passive income will come from monthly subscriptions to these programs.

Lately I have witnesses so many online income opportunities come and go. The product/service offered by these programs were not really of much value to the end user.

There are also so many people being forced into debt by so called “High Ticket” income opportunities. These offer over priced products/services just to make the earnings higher for the members promoting them.

Some of the products are courses ranging from $100 to $30,000… people get in at the $100 level thinking that they will be able to leverage their way to the $30,000 level. The vast majority of the time this does not happen.

Only the highly-experienced internet marketers achieve success with these “High Ticket” programs.

After a few hours of research, I got down to creating the Digital Wealth Builder system.

I have focused on creating a system that the vast majority of internet entrepreneurs can afford. These are Low Cost Digital Services, which offer value to the user.

Working On The Digital Wealth Builder SystemThese internet based services have been operating for a substantial number of years and offer Global Marketing Scope.

Anyone with access to the internet and a way to send and make payments online can use these services and also earn money promoting them as an affiliate.

The cost of getting involved with this system ranges from less than $20 to $150 monthly. You can get started with less than $20 monthly and leverage your way to higher earnings.

This is going to enable internet entrepreneurs worldwide to make a break-through in establishing a substantial monthly passive income.

If the system is followed closely and the marketing is done consistently, a passive income of over $5,000 can be achieved in 12 to 24 months!

I started to modify my pervious version of the program in Perl. This can be really time consuming as I was using notepad and live uploads to the webserver to test out (debug) the modules.

The program slowly fell into place as I envisioned it.

This is not a get rich quick system, it requires marketing, but can be worked on a part-time basis. It is not an online investment type of system, as you only earn money from the affiliate side of the opportunities.

Coding The Digital Wealth Builder SystemThese affiliate programs pay out residual income and there is also a passive income element attached to it. There is leverage built into the system and the programs within it.

The Digital Wealth Builder is the ideal solution for people worldwide getting started with internet marketing. The programs inside the system are designed to educate you in internet marketing and also provide you the tools necessary to put the knowledge into action.

The user interface has been created using Perl and embebed html. It’s not the prettiest user interface, but it is functional. I will continue to update it and add in new features.

Digital Wealth Builder Screen ShotClick Here to Grab Your Digital Wealth Builder System for FREE Now! The system is functional and duplication is working within the program.

The 6th of February 2017 is going to be a memoriable day from me. The day you get started with the Digital Wealth Builder will be a memoriable day for you.

I would encourage you to test out the system, if you like what you see, send me an email. You will find my email details within the program as your referrer.

I am ready to work with the first 50 people who take action and join the programs within the members area. You will have full-support and training from me for the life-time of the Digital Wealth Builder System.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to work with me in creating financial freedom for both of us. This system is designed to take advantage of leverage. The more I help you to succeed, the more success I will achieve as a result.

Click Here to Grab Your Digital Wealth Builder System for FREE Now! Test out the system and let me know if there are any bugs.

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