Congratulations, your Affiliates enrolled a New Member!

I love getting the following messages daily from Better Web Builder with the subject “Congratulations, your Affiliates enrolled a New Member!”.

This shows that duplication is taking place in my downline. One of the members that I sponsored into Better Web Builder is also serious about building a business.

So many people join online mlm opportunities, but only a select few decide to really use it to create wealth. Most people forget the marketing part of MLM, if you don’t market… you  don’t build a downline.

My Better Web Builder downline is growing daily. At first it was only my efforts that went into building my downline. Now there are a number of people that I sponsored who are also taking the business seriously.

The momentum is finally building up, looking forward to building a leading the largest team on Better Web Builder.

If you are serious about building an online mlm business, join my Better Web Builder team and we can take it to the next level!


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