Close To 200 Unique Visitors

Today I have had close to 200 unique visitors to my blog, and 4 subscribers to my list. There are still a few hours left in the day.

200visitorsI know the 200 unique visitors in a day barrier will be broken this month. I was getting close to 1,000 unique visitors daily at the peak of my blogging. My goal is to reach the 1,000 unique visitors daily target within 90 days!

This may seem like a crazy target to set. I like to work with BIG goals… even if I don’t reach the 1,000 visitors daily target, I will get very close to it.

If 2,00 unique visitors result in 4 subscribers. 1,000 unique visitors should result in 20 subscribers.

20 subscribers daily will result in 600 subscribers monthly. At this rate I will have over 600 x 12 = 7,200 subscribers in a year.

7,200 targeted leads will enable me to take my internet marketing business to the next level. All this could happen as a result of me creating interesting content on my blog.

By offering valuable content, I will also attract more prospects that will want to work with me. More people will subscribe to my list to learn about what’s working for me and how they can get started.

I treat all everyone that works with me like business partners. I boost my earning by helping my team members earn more money. This is because I focus mainly on multi-level and powerline based opportunities.

I am currently building a global network using Empower Network, you can get details of this at:

I have created various tools that help my team members to create duplication.

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